We’re Heading Up North!

There's absolutely nothing better than being out in nature in the summer - I love everything about it! From the drive up, the old folded road map, good tunes, the essential TimBit stop, campfires & campfire coffee, hikes, cold lake dips, my dearest and most precious hammock!!! Sigh...its been too long!

We're heading to Killbear this weekend for a good dose of the ol'Canadiana. It's going to be great! I've committed to this being the official "Summer of Camping" - we didn't do nearly enough of it in the past couple years. With renovating the studio and building up CWP there was simply no time. Time to make up for all that!!!!

The shot by the way is the first of series of photos I have to upload from my May Poland trip. This is our family summer house where I spent a few days at the end of May. My grandmother, who spends nearly her entire summer here, has become very attuned to seasonal sounds and nuances. We'd be sitting on her porch, during the most perfect red sunset - she would point out the call of one particular bird that only coos & calls to her mate only during sunset on that last week of May. When you witness the world operate around you in such complex & specific ways it really puts our human experience into perspective. It was special...magical even!   

See you next week!