to ipad or….

...really what is the alternative? I confess, I am smitten with this little device (and I rarely get device-envy!)

I find myself daydreaming of all the things the iPad & I would do together....we'd fly around on Google Earth, read our favourite blogs, cozy up in bed with the NY Times, read around the campfire, fuss about the kitchen making wondrous baked goodies (speaking of which just made this lovely little tart, simple & delicious, try it - but easy on the sugar if you're using sweeter apples)! Oh it would be love!

And of course, we'd be ultimate partners in presentation - iPad would solve my lasting portfolio dilemma - to print or not? On the one hand, there is nothing I love more than deluxe paper stock, embossed covers, and good old fashioned bookbinding...but (a) how relevant is this in our digital age, and (b) how sustainable? Now, I wouldn't call myself a die-hard-tie-myself-to-a-tree environmentalist, but I do take measures to avoid being wasteful and make a good, sustainable, long-term decisions (after all, we are all interconnected). Why bother printing several portfolio editions a year, when with a fancy finger slide and a tap I could always be at my most current version  in iPad-land...sigh. Don't ever ask my opinion on a pair of shoes you really don't need...I'm that good...& you need them!

image: Apple