So it’s been cold out…

...and, who are we kidding, I've been hibernating!

Its not that I hate winter - the holidays are great, snow is amazing, and skiing is always fun - but there's nothing better to do on a cold winter day than cozy up on the couch with a good movie. Bonus Points if your night also includes hot cider!

I've been busy shooting all sorts of new work to boot - it leaves very little time to bond with my Google Reader - but I had a moment to power through some sites today and came across this awesome vid from the Repetto store in Paris. The soundtrack is a little Black-Swan-overkill if you ask me, but stick with it till end and you get to see how they put together an awesome interactive window display for their storefront. Pedestrians interact with what's going in the window Xbox Kinect-style by waving there hand left or right to change what's sort of visuals they see. It's pretty impressive just from the video. Its something I'd love to see in situation, seems like it drew a lot of attention & would definitely be neat to try out.