Love beauty <3

I shot  beautiful Madeleine for Viva's most recent Beauty section opener. Madeleine (@Elmer Olsen) has the most gorgeous, enviable skin & some of the best brows around. She recently chopped her long, wavy locks into a super chic cut sort of a la Tasha Tilberg (check her folio for some updated shots). I've been seeing a lot more women rocking short cuts on the street  nowadays - I myself think it looks killer (and its not just because I recently converted to the short cut camp myself)! I just love seeing all the diversity! Short hair cuts require a lot of creativity and exploration - you can't (as I quickly learned) just throw your hair up in a pony or bun when you're feeling lazy (or when you're a few days past bed-head-cool, might I add). You can't throw it over your face when you get a zit in the most inconvenient place (grr). Seriously, you have got to get creative and make the best of what you've got - and it usually leads to awesomeness! So High-Five Miss Maddy for making the leap!

Hair & makeup by Claudine Balthazar @ Plutino Group (who just launched Phase 2 of their site & its looking great - so check it out).