I've been looking at a lot of video recently (research!)

I like the idea of a short (3-min) video, but feel pretty unsatisfied with what I see on the web in that genre. Don't get me wrong, there is a ton of videos that fall into that duration category and have to deal with fashion & beauty, but they so often feel like "behind-the-scenes" videos or as if they should really be stills. A great deal of them feel to me as if they are being forced into motion for the sake of being nifty or following contemporary trends. Now I neither want to be solely nifty nor a trend-follower...its just not me! When work is set in motion it should have purpose, a story (aptly mentioned by Jason Mitchell on A Photo Editor the other day), or a punchline: something which can't be conveyed in the same way as a still image.

Something like this --->

....well, not exactly! But its fun, no?