Eye Buy Art

My print from Eye Buy Art arrived in the mail last week & I couldn't be happier! Now to find the perfect frame!

I started collecting limited edition prints a couple years ago - after deciding it was about time I supported my fellow artists and built an art collection of my own. I began by picking up a few pieces at local galleries. Then my good friend Emily McInnis began her online-"for-the-people"-art site and I've been keeping my scanners peeled for something suitable ever since. Then one day this image popped into my mailbox & I got that feeling in my gut again - the one I always get when I'm smitten with a work of art! I'm a sucker for a beautiful black and white - I adore a diverse range of gray-tones - and what I love most about this image is that it feels so symbolic without necessarily being so. It feels casual and intimate. Minimalist and detailed, at the same time. And all the details lead you to believe that there may be a greater story here than just what you see, but you would just be so presumptuous to read into it like that. I love work that makes you feel like that! As if, if you just spent more time with it, you would understand...

I'm rambling....check out Eye Buy Art and the Magenta Foundation & look at some of the coverage from their recent Flash Forward Festival - it was fantastic! And if you missed it, make sure you go next time! Also, here is the link to the artist, Natalie Obermaier's work. Enjoy!