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The Winter issue of Plaid Magazine…

...available on newsstands today! I shot the images accompanying Odessa Paloma Parker's terrific interview with Noelle Hindi & Alex Cirka, co-designers of The Leather Atelier.

Plaid Magazine - Winter Issue

The Leather Atelier - Story by Odessa Paloma Parker

Wardrobe: Rita Fiorucci (Push Creative Management Inc.

Hair & Makeup: Adriano Morrasut (Plutino Group)

Model: Michel Pilon (Elmer Olsen Model Management


I’ll Be At the Taafi Industry Night Tonight

You should be too! 

It'll be a fun night out for those in the animation industry and those of us who love it!

Here's the info:

More info about Taafi here.


Turning Pink

The studio green roof is turning pinkish-red for fall. So pretty!


Baby Belly

I wanted to share this photo I took of my beautiful friend Emily (who runs the awesome online art store EyeBuyArt). This was taken just before her beautiful little boy Gideon was born.

Emily's got a pretty awesome birth story she shares on her blog here.

And if you want to look as fabulous as Emily does, you'll definitely need to get yourself some sequins - pronto! Emily's dress was custom made by Marnie Herald.  




B-Corps Can Change the World

Have you all seen this? Its definitely worth a watch. In light of all the unrest, failing economies, and Occupy protests going on in the world, this seems like a tangible way in which we as entrepreneurs can improve our business practices to make for a better corporate environment. Now, who wouldn't want to live in a world like that!?

(It's a litttttttle long...but absolutely worth listening to.)

More info on B Corp Certification here.

If you're looking for a real world example Method brand cleaning products are B-Corp Certified

I found this video via Hypenotic's blog post here


sneak peak…

...from our editorial shoot last week. 


P&G Beauty Awards

I have amazing news to share! Last night, my good friend and frequent collaborator, Sabrina Rinaldi won the big prize at the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards - Makeup Artist of the Year! We're so happy for you Sabrina! Congratulations!

Check out more of Sabrina's work here.

(On a side note, this year's awards were hosted by Kim Cattrall - cool!)


Sabrina Rinaldi

Plaid Magazine – Fall 2011

New work published in the Fall 2011 issue of Plaid Magazine. On newsstands now!

Hair & Makeup: Sabrina Rinaldi (Judy Inc.)

Wardrobe: Alicia Simpson (Plutino)

Models: Chantilly (Elmer Olsen) & Valeria (Sutherland) 










First Annual Toronto Life Stylebook

At long last I can show you the images we shot for Toronto Life's brand new Stylebook - an all-around guide to all things style! On newsstands now all over Toronto-city right now. So scoot on out and pick up your copy!


Toronto Life Stylebook Essentials
Toronto Life Stylebook Essentials
Toronto Life Stylebook Essentials
Toronto Life Stylebook Essentials
Toronto Life Stylebook Essentials

Toronto Life

Here is some new work that came out the July issue of Toronto Life - the annual "Best of the City" issue! It's on newsstands across Ontario now.


We’re Heading Up North!

There's absolutely nothing better than being out in nature in the summer - I love everything about it! From the drive up, the old folded road map, good tunes, the essential TimBit stop, campfires & campfire coffee, hikes, cold lake dips, my dearest and most precious hammock!!! Sigh...its been too long!

We're heading to Killbear this weekend for a good dose of the ol'Canadiana. It's going to be great! I've committed to this being the official "Summer of Camping" - we didn't do nearly enough of it in the past couple years. With renovating the studio and building up CWP there was simply no time. Time to make up for all that!!!!

The shot by the way is the first of series of photos I have to upload from my May Poland trip. This is our family summer house where I spent a few days at the end of May. My grandmother, who spends nearly her entire summer here, has become very attuned to seasonal sounds and nuances. We'd be sitting on her porch, during the most perfect red sunset - she would point out the call of one particular bird that only coos & calls to her mate only during sunset on that last week of May. When you witness the world operate around you in such complex & specific ways it really puts our human experience into perspective. It was special...magical even!   

See you next week!



I came across this Criterion Collection "3 Reasons" promo for Zazie dans la metro today - its a sweet 1960s French film directed by Louis Malle. The storyline follows 10 year old Zazie as she runs amok causing all sorts of Parisian trouble during a weekend visit to Paris with her aunt and uncle. I love all the quirky cinematography - they just don't make comedy like this anymore!

CC claims its worth a watch for Zazie Herself, The Bag of Cinematic Tricks, & Paris a-Go-Go. I say: they pretty much had me at Zazie - that girl is infectiously adorable!

Check it out!


Plaid Magazine

Last night was the Plaid Magazine Spring/Summer Launch Party at Hotel Ocho, which means... I can finally show you the beauty story we shot for the magazine almost 2 months ago!

We've been dying to throw these images up on the site and into the world, but alas, it was all hush-hush until last night. Those days are gone now! Hope you like them as much as we do!

Full story is under the Beauty Section on the Main Page.

Wardrobe: Alicia Simpson @ Plutino Group

Hair & Makeup: Sabrina Rinaldi @ Judy Inc.

Model: Amanda Tataryn @ Sutherland Models


Sterling Studio Green Roof

Last week, Michael took me up to the Sterling Studio rooftop to take a peak at how the freshly installed green roof is doing so far.

Diagnosis: amazing!
I snapped this quick iPhone photo. Nearly all of the plants have survived the winter and are well on their way to total rooftop domination. Based on how much these little sedums have grown already this Spring, I would reckon' there's a pretty good chance the roof will be nearly completely covered by the Fall. It's going to be nice seeing these  little guys change colors from season to season. Right now, they're mostly red. When they went in in the Fall they were mostly yellow. In the Summer, they bloom with tiny white flowers. Pretty neat, huh?!


heading home

In exactly two weeks from now I'll be on a plane heading home. You know what that means, I'm scurrying around like crazy trying to tie up all the loose ends in Toronto before then. Sigh....its going to be a month of shopping on cobblestone streets, reading over a cup of coffee in a quaint cafe, lounging at the summer cottage, and good hearty family dinners. Its hard for me to say goodbye to work for that long - I like what I do and a month is a long time. Perfect solution: I've found a way to squeeze in some shooting time while I'm there. I'm really looking forward to meeting new talent abroad - different ADs, different mags, different wardrobe & makeup artists - I'm so excited to see what we can brew up across the pond!


hello monday!

A little while back, the gals and I decided we were absolutely bored to tears of seeing sad, miserable models all over ads & editorials. Enough is enough, its cold, its gloomy and sad faces simply don't help the situation. Fashion & beauty are about having fun. Its about costumes and parties and color and jewellery. And all those things that are meant to brighten up your day. 

Perfectly cast for this project, Jessica Lewis (@ Elmer Olsen) brought energy and laughter to our set. And I can't help but smile as I go through these - even on intermittently snowy Monday in April. See, its working - The Happiness, its contagious! We need to do more of this! Its so worth it!

Hair & Makeup done by Aniya Nandy (@Plutino Group). Wardrobe compiled by Alicia Simpson (@Plutino Group).



I came home this afternoon to this little surprise.

Yes, my friends, that is my first little crocus peeping his brave little head through the mulch!
No matter what winter throws at us seeing this little guy in the Spring makes it all worthwhile.

Ironically, last week's snowstorm had more oomph then the Snow-mageddon we were waiting for mid winter. The bottom snap was taken midday last week - during the snow storm the snow caked itself onto my office window, by the end of the day I felt like I was in an igloo. Not pleased. At least not this time of year.

But, hey, if this little guy can survive a little snow in the spring time, so can we Canada!


& another one

Another set of images from Viva Mag - this one is from our featured editorial.

Model: Madeleine (@ Elmer Olsen)

Hair & Makeup: Claudine Balthazar (@Plutino Group)

Wardrobe: Kelechi Achonu


Love beauty <3

I shot  beautiful Madeleine for Viva's most recent Beauty section opener. Madeleine (@Elmer Olsen) has the most gorgeous, enviable skin & some of the best brows around. She recently chopped her long, wavy locks into a super chic cut sort of a la Tasha Tilberg (check her folio for some updated shots). I've been seeing a lot more women rocking short cuts on the street  nowadays - I myself think it looks killer (and its not just because I recently converted to the short cut camp myself)! I just love seeing all the diversity! Short hair cuts require a lot of creativity and exploration - you can't (as I quickly learned) just throw your hair up in a pony or bun when you're feeling lazy (or when you're a few days past bed-head-cool, might I add). You can't throw it over your face when you get a zit in the most inconvenient place (grr). Seriously, you have got to get creative and make the best of what you've got - and it usually leads to awesomeness! So High-Five Miss Maddy for making the leap!

Hair & makeup by Claudine Balthazar @ Plutino Group (who just launched Phase 2 of their site & its looking great - so check it out).


Spring has sprung…

Viva Magazine popped into my mailbox today. Its so nice to see these makeovers we shot back in November finally in print!

These gents were a pleasure to shoot. I especially love the fellow on the left! He looks so dapper in his suit!!!

I also shot the beauty section opener and an editorial. Will post more tomorrow.


Check out the Beauty Section…

...for some new shots from a recent creative with the wonderful Eve (@FORD) and Adriano Morassut (@Plutino Group).


New Work…

...coming soon from the Brose Fall 2011 lookbook. Beautiful as usual! In addition, this season the color combinations are exceptionally striking & if you're looking for that perfect sequin dress this is one collection you shouldn't miss!


So it’s been cold out…

...and, who are we kidding, I've been hibernating!

Its not that I hate winter - the holidays are great, snow is amazing, and skiing is always fun - but there's nothing better to do on a cold winter day than cozy up on the couch with a good movie. Bonus Points if your night also includes hot cider!

I've been busy shooting all sorts of new work to boot - it leaves very little time to bond with my Google Reader - but I had a moment to power through some sites today and came across this awesome vid from the Repetto store in Paris. The soundtrack is a little Black-Swan-overkill if you ask me, but stick with it till end and you get to see how they put together an awesome interactive window display for their storefront. Pedestrians interact with what's going in the window Xbox Kinect-style by waving there hand left or right to change what's sort of visuals they see. It's pretty impressive just from the video. Its something I'd love to see in situation, seems like it drew a lot of attention & would definitely be neat to try out.


Go! Team Freelance

The other day our friend Rich Cooper dropped by Sterling Studio to shoot a handful of hands-on motion promos for his newest venture Go! Team Freelance !!! (<--extra exclamation points because I can't seem to say GTF without cheering).

GTF has been in the works for a long time and it's truly a fantastic idea from one of the most talented copywriters I know!

Here's how it works:

I would liken GTF to a networking site for creative freelance work. Experienced freelancers & clients register onto the site, then clients can then peruse GTF to find the perfect freelancer for their project. GTF gets compensated with a small finder's fee & creative happiness ensues!

See!!! (Cheer!!!) Go to Go! Team Freelance & read through the details to find out why this novel approach is going to revolutionize freelancing in this city!


to ipad or….

...really what is the alternative? I confess, I am smitten with this little device (and I rarely get device-envy!)

I find myself daydreaming of all the things the iPad & I would do together....we'd fly around on Google Earth, read our favourite blogs, cozy up in bed with the NY Times, read around the campfire, fuss about the kitchen making wondrous baked goodies (speaking of which just made this lovely little tart, simple & delicious, try it - but easy on the sugar if you're using sweeter apples)! Oh it would be love!

And of course, we'd be ultimate partners in presentation - iPad would solve my lasting portfolio dilemma - to print or not? On the one hand, there is nothing I love more than deluxe paper stock, embossed covers, and good old fashioned bookbinding...but (a) how relevant is this in our digital age, and (b) how sustainable? Now, I wouldn't call myself a die-hard-tie-myself-to-a-tree environmentalist, but I do take measures to avoid being wasteful and make a good, sustainable, long-term decisions (after all, we are all interconnected). Why bother printing several portfolio editions a year, when with a fancy finger slide and a tap I could always be at my most current version  in iPad-land...sigh. Don't ever ask my opinion on a pair of shoes you really don't need...I'm that good...& you need them!

image: Apple



I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago we went to the ADCC Awards. It was my first time attending the Awards, and as I won last year and didn't even know it till my award showed up via courier at the studio, I sort of considered this my celebratory victory lap!

It was a totally fun night! The buzz of advertising was in the air & teeny tiny Movember moustaches were everywhere. We bumped into a whole slew of our clients and friends, it was nice to touch base in an environment that was not too laid-back (friends) and not too "work" (clients).

It was also nice to see a lot of the work from Sterling Studio make it to the big screen & in its finished format! Including this fantastic opening vid, which was shot here by the folks at Spy Films & Leo Burnett & outfitted by our packages here at Sterling Studio.


Editing Process

A couple weeks ago I was asked to shoot two editorials for Viva Magazine: a real men's makeover story & a women's fashion editorial all about ways to wear the *new* hat (feat. Madeleine @ Elmer Olsen). Now that they're both out the door, here's a tiny look at our editing process....



I've been looking at a lot of video recently (research!)

I like the idea of a short (3-min) video, but feel pretty unsatisfied with what I see on the web in that genre. Don't get me wrong, there is a ton of videos that fall into that duration category and have to deal with fashion & beauty, but they so often feel like "behind-the-scenes" videos or as if they should really be stills. A great deal of them feel to me as if they are being forced into motion for the sake of being nifty or following contemporary trends. Now I neither want to be solely nifty nor a trend-follower...its just not me! When work is set in motion it should have purpose, a story (aptly mentioned by Jason Mitchell on A Photo Editor the other day), or a punchline: something which can't be conveyed in the same way as a still image.

Something like this --->

....well, not exactly! But its fun, no?


Looking for Interns

Sterling Studio & our collective of creative folks inside is looking for interns!

If you are a photo/film student or self-taught, looking for some practical experience, and based in the GTA, send me an email.

This is a great opportunity to gain some invaluable industry experience:

learn the ins-and-outs of studio management, get practical experience with pro-gear, and work on some fantastic stills & motion productions with some unbelievably talented folks!


Eye Buy Art

My print from Eye Buy Art arrived in the mail last week & I couldn't be happier! Now to find the perfect frame!

I started collecting limited edition prints a couple years ago - after deciding it was about time I supported my fellow artists and built an art collection of my own. I began by picking up a few pieces at local galleries. Then my good friend Emily McInnis began her online-"for-the-people"-art site and I've been keeping my scanners peeled for something suitable ever since. Then one day this image popped into my mailbox & I got that feeling in my gut again - the one I always get when I'm smitten with a work of art! I'm a sucker for a beautiful black and white - I adore a diverse range of gray-tones - and what I love most about this image is that it feels so symbolic without necessarily being so. It feels casual and intimate. Minimalist and detailed, at the same time. And all the details lead you to believe that there may be a greater story here than just what you see, but you would just be so presumptuous to read into it like that. I love work that makes you feel like that! As if, if you just spent more time with it, you would understand...

I'm rambling....check out Eye Buy Art and the Magenta Foundation & look at some of the coverage from their recent Flash Forward Festival - it was fantastic! And if you missed it, make sure you go next time! Also, here is the link to the artist, Natalie Obermaier's work. Enjoy!



Our friend Dimitri is having a party for his brand-new west-end print boutique Imagefoundry - The westend is booming!

You should come!

Check out the details here.


The Paddock

Last night I dropped by The Drake to see Carrie Hayes' presentation of The Paddock - her new collection composed entirely of wearable pieces that take you from weekend to office attire all in one outfit! Made for the woman who has a hard time pulling herself out of her Lululemon pants come Monday. Why should workwear be starchy & stiff, when it can be made of the softest stretch-jersey & still be office appropriate...hmmm, good question!

I first met Carrie in the summer when she approached me about shooting the catalogue for her collection. The idea was to create a lookbook that showed just how wearable these pieces are and entice the average Canadian woman. And so on an scorching hot day in September, we all trudged out on location, got a little bit sunburnt, & made it happen! One of our shots is on the lovely little postcards you see here!


The Paddock


Ladies and Gents!

I'm so excited to welcome you to the new website!

Its been a busy summer! New travels, exciting shoots, crazy set builds, greening ventures (more on that later...)...on top of that I thought it was due time to spice up the ol'site. Jonathan, my wonderfully talented site guy, and I have been obsessively tinkering with it for weeks now, trying to make sure that it is as functional as possible. But its time to let this baby out into the world! We hope you like it!

Take a look around and let us know what you think!


ps. A little vid from Dragonette to start us cliche, but so fun! I'm hooked...can't...stop...listening! Oh pop tunes :)


New Work Featured in Flare July 2010

Just came across this feature on my dear friend Marika Brose in the July issue of Flare Magazine!

Its so nice to see great and talented people getting lots of lovely press. I had the pleasure of shooting the attached images for Brose's FW 10 collection. Just a few weeks ago, we shot new content for the SS 11 collection, and I assure you, it is genuinely lust-worthy! I'll post snaps as soon as I can!


Brose Fall Winter 2010 Flare Magazine Maja Hajduk

Brose Fall Winter 2010 Flare Magazine Maja Hajduk


Maja Hajduk is a Toronto-based, beauty and fashion photographer & burgeoning director. Her career began in shooting editorial work and evolved into advertising; her images having been featured in many of Canada’s top publications such as Elle, Fashion, Glow and Toronto Life, and for clients such as L’Oreal Beauty, Marika Brose, and Ron White Footwear.

As a stills photographer Maja’s attention to nuance and detail have brought life and carefree beauty to her photographs.  She’s also become well known for the quality of her photography, appearing to be simultaneously realistic, and more whimsical than reality. Her on-set presence is relaxed, strongly-collaborative, and driven-for-perfection. There is no second-best when it comes to delivering original content for her clients.

In 2010, Maja was recognized in the WomenXWomen photography retrospective on Canadian women in fashion photography, and also awarded an ADCC for her editorial work with Fashion Magazine.

Maja is represented in Toronto by Scout Media and is based out of the production company’s 276 Sterling Studio